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Shona Grill Closes it's doors March 3, 2018  



We are so sorry we missed you. 


The restaurant closed on Saturday March 3rd.  We are going to miss this community and all the fun we had but when it's time for change.  Thank you for your support!


No other reason than, Kim Bovill the owner is going for career change to have a better schedule to spend more time with her family.  Husband and 2 sons.     


We had a great almost 5 years in business.  We met a lot of great customers that became friends over time and many visits.   


The space at 92 Rockingham Street is for Sale and if you know anyone that would be interested in Operating Shona Grill or possibly open their own restaurant at this location please contact Kim Bovill via email at  Bellows Falls is a great town with so many possibiliites.  


If you are curious of what happened to the staff check out the About us page and catch up on the staff. 


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