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Farm to Table 

Around here We are all less than 3 Degrees from the

Local Farm, Creamery and Burger House.


Shona Grill is located in the Historic Downtown Bellows Falls Village   

We source as much of the menu locally as possible.  Burgers, Sausages, Veggie Burgers, Sauces Vegetables and we really think it makes the diffrence.                Our Farmers and the Butchers eat at Shona Grill,  Kim's Husband built the Meat Packinghouse where the cows are processed.  I'ts very local around here.    
Harlows Farms and the Sausage Man (just 4 miles south of Shona Grill) provide us with top quality Grassfed Beef, Chorizo Sausage and Italian Sausages. 
Pete's Farm Stand (only 3 miles away) in Walpole NH during the summer months provides us with all our Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Beets, Honey,  Zucchini.  It's a great multi generation Family farm.  
 Other Great Farms we work with
Fernleigh Farms,  Springfield, VT  
Walpole Creamery Ice Cream, Walpole, NH 
Vermont Beancrafters, Cabot, VT 
Black River Produce, Springfield, VT  
Ruth's Mustard, Claremont, NH 
Bellows House Bakery, Walpole NH 
Brad the Chicken Man picks up our prep scraps and feeds his chickens that lay eggs.  He in turn sells his eggs at the local farmers market.  

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Independently Owned

Shona Grill was started by Kim Bovill on April 24, 2013.   26 years of working experience in the Hospitality business.  11 Years of that as Hospitality Instructor at the River Valley Tech Center. Taught Customer Service training and students came out with a Certification from the Retail Federation of America. Many past students have worked at Shona Grill since it's opening, all were students on the path of Hospitality Careers.  A wife and Mother of 2 Happy Boys!  Kim is working part time at RVTC in Culinary Arts working with students doing Dining room management and is also a Student Success Coach for Vermont Virtual and will evenetually being teaching Intro to Entreprensurhsiup to High School students.  


Emily has a BA in Hotel Restaurant Management and has been working here off and on full time since we opened.  No Kids and enjoying her free time.   Now the Executive housekeeper for the Grafton Inn, Grafton VT 


Nick  joined us April 2014,  He loves his job here.  If you come at Night he is most likely your cook.   Two time competer for the Guinness Book of World Records Longest Running BBQ.  2015 year 34 hours  2016 year 37 hours. Is is a very creatve fun burger cook.   (Nick is finishing the construction of his home and interviewing,


Lisa joined us a student from the Occupational Development Program at the local High school.  After graduation in 2015 she became a part time employee doing morning set up and dining room upkeep.  Over the past months Lisa has been learning more and developing her skills to learn more of the positions.  Is lining up interviews.  


Hillary  was one of Kim's students in the Hospitality Program at RVTC. Graducated class of 2011.  She has a certification in customer service, and holds a certificate to be an LNA.  She is the mother of 2 sweet kids.  She is working at a Law Office 


Alycha - joined in Sept 2016. She is also a cook at a local child care center. A mother to a sweet daughter.   Seeking emplyment 


Kiaya - Was a past student of Kim's in Hsopitalty Program at RVTC. Graduated Johsnon State College with a degreee in Hospitality.  She has worked at the Exculsive Stowe Mountain Club and enjoys snowboarding in her free time and attending Music Festivals. - Moved to Florida for a change of season.    


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