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Guinness Book BBQ Challenge Event Page 

August 4th, 5th and 6th 2016 

We hold the record in VERMONT for the Longeest Running Team BBQ

Vermonts' Longest Running Team BBQ Event 


Friday August 5th at 8:00 AM BBQ Begins 


BBQ Food available for Sale all day

Most of the food at the bbq was raised locally  


The Menu will vary, we have 

'Harlow's Burgers,  Sabrette Hot Dogs,   Harlows local Sausages - variety of Sweet Italians, Hot Italians & Chorizo, North Country Smokehouse Bratwurst, Pork Ribs Harlow's Pork Butts  Beef Briskets  Pork Tenderloin, Pete's Corn on the Cob   Baked Potatoes, Veggie Burgers, Veggie Dogs, Grilled Portabello Mushroom Caps


We can please both Herbivores and Carnivores.    


Mustards by Ruth's Mustard of Charlestown / Claremont, NH 

Sweet and Spicy Grilling, Horsey Mustard, Raspberry Mustard & Chunky Jalapeno 


Food will vary over the 36 hours and will be on  first come first serve basis.  So the menu will vary.  Come early come often and we will keep changing it up to keep it interesting.  Door Prizes throughout the bbq.  Get a ticket each time you purchase food and become entered to win a Shona Gift Basket with our new Shona Grill T-Shirt, and other great prizes. 



Friday Night from 7 to 10 PM 

DV8 they play a little bit country, little bit Rock and Roll.  


BBQ will continue through the night come be a part of a Guinness World Record 


Saturday Breakfast will be served tilll it runs out then we will be serving up bbq foods again


3PM is the 4th Annual Shona Grill Hot Dog Eating Contest! Free Event stop in to inquire more details.   


Intercept will be playing off an on all afternoon 

and at night they will be filming and recording a Music Video for a New soon to be released song.  


Fireworks at Dusk - Usually Plan for 9:30.


BBQ Ends at 10 PM!    


WE ARE BYOB and we like that you can bring your own adult beverages.  WE ask that you plan for a designated driver if needed and Drink Responsibily.  BYOB is a priviedge for people 21 and over and we reserve the right to check your ID so please have your ID ready.


Shona Cards and will not to able to be used during the event.  This is a special event for a special occasion.  


MORE INFO?  JUST SHOW UP AND YOU WILL SEE ITS FUN! and easy and you can say you were at a Record Breaking evebt.  




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